ENWHP was created in 1996. During its lifetime the workplace in Europe has undergone significant changes, and ENWHP has played and will play its part in responding to the workplace health issues.

In October 2016 the ENWHP was incorporated as a not-for-profit and non-political NGO. The ENWHP Foundation will carry forward and build upon the entire heritage of the old ENWHP – Declarations, Guidelines, Models of Good Practice, Toolkits and much else. Its new structure encompasses a number of distinct  divisions that reflect the main interests of members and the challenges that WHP faces in the future. These divisions are:


The Communications and Networking Division is responsable for all aspects of communication and public relations activities to ENWHP members and  with media, non-members and major stakeholders. 


Currently, there is no Europe wide interest groups for the area of workplace health promotion. Research in this área is limited, fragmentary and usually confined to a single jurisdiction. The Research Division will address this situación through helping develop the EU research agenda, promoting awareness of the results of research, helping develop research proposals and participating in EU-wide research projects.


ENWHP has a long tradition in the development of policies in workplace health promotion. The ENWHP Declarations are policy documents which are enclosing network’s basic consensus on the common goals, visión and mission. In the tradition of these declarations ENWHP Foundation will develop future oriented policies.to support the development of WHP at EU and national levels.


Historically ENWHP was active in the development, identification and sharing of good workplace health practice. The Practice División will facilitate and enable the sharing of good practice in workplace health promotion between members and across countries and regions.


The ENWHP Accreditation Division will contribute to the overall aims of ENWHP by supporting best practice in the development of accreditation-based approaches to workplace health promotion.


Over the years, ENWHP has been undertaking several training initiatives led by National Contact Offices. The Training and Education Division envisages to provide all experts involved in implementation of workplace health promotion programs, projects and initiatives with state-of-the-art knowledge so as to enable them to achieve their purpose.