Hairdressing and ergonomics

Hairdresser salon

Work-related musculoskeletal complaints are frequent among hairdressers. They are the result of misfit between the worker and the working environment resulting in physical discomfort, aches and pains in parts of the body and physical and mental exhaustion. These complaints are mainly caused by static load induced by prolonged standing periods, out to the side position of upper arms, twisting and bending and awkward gripping of utensils combined with repetitive forceful movements. To prevent them it’s important to have a proper design of the work environment and assure appropriate work practices.

The Project “Ergohair” is funded by the European Union and led by Unie van de Belgische Kappers/Union des Coiffeurs Belges. Ergohair aims to develop strategies for hairdressers to cope with ergonomic problems, especially musculoskeletal disorders.

To achieve this goal they planned to organize three workshops with the following objectives:
– to draw up an implementation strategy for everyone working in hairdressing salons (Workshop 1: Hamburg 12-13 October 2017). More information in the minutes of the workshop: 12/10/2017 and 13/10/2017.
– to personalise an implementation strategy for employers focusing on the elements that employers decide on, namely the right kind of furniture, equipment, clothing and shoes as well as developing management skills, offering a good working environment, SME policy etc. (Workshop 2: Paris 11-12 April 2018) and,
– to come up with dissemination of strategies and good practices for each of the two implementation strategies and to reach a mutual declaration of commitment with the sectoral social partners (Workshop 3: Brussels 2019).

For the second workshop the Ergohair project group is looking for speakers if they can present a specific approach or policy regarding these topics. We also want to collect as many relevant scientific studies and information about other projects that ensure good practices regarding OSH (hairdressing sector) in the Member States as possible.

Do you dispose of more information on this subject? Are you an expert who carries out surveys into hairdressing furniture/equipment/infrastructure, etc. (examples would be hairdressing scissors, hairdryers, wash basins, adjustable hairdressing stools, interior décor for the ideal hairdressing salon, etc.)? Please contact

For more information about the hairdressing sector
EU-OSHA (European Agency dor Safety and Health at Work) – Online interactive risk assessment tools
EU-OSHA-Occupational health and safety in the hairdressing sector
Guide for hairdressers
“Close Shave”
Videos and downloads


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