​Meeting Workplace Health Promotion Challenges in Today’s Europe

The workplace in Europe has undergone significant changes during the 20 year lifetime of the ENWHP.  National economies have grown and declined, employment has waxed and waned and the nature of work and of work contracts has changed significantly for more and more of the European workforce.  The demography of the workforce has changed; mental health and stress at work issues are more important, and retaining and returning workers to work has now got a higher profile.  Public health programmes now recognise the need to promote health at the workplace, even as the nature of workplaces and employment has changed.  Larger numbers of smaller workplaces with a wide range of contractual relationships with workers pose a significant challenge to the delivery of workplace health services (OSH and WHP).

The ENWHP has played its part in responding to the workplace health issues of the day and will continue to do so.  However, the time has now come to restructure and redouble our efforts in order to meet the challenges facing the network and the wider workplace.

We welcome our colleagues from the old ENWHP into the new structure, and we will be looking to expand membership considerably over the coming period. The ENWHP Foundation will carry forward and build upon the entire heritage of the old ENWHP – Declarations, Guidelines, Models of Good Practice, Toolkits and much else. In addition, it will have access to much other work which has been conducted outside of the old ENWHP by its members which will be made available to the new ENWHP Foundation.
Our new focus will be on the new challenges lying ahead.  We hope that you can join us in helping to meet these challenges into the future.


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